More than two decades of experience in this industry has given us the skills, technology and expertise necessary to meet our clients’ exact specifications – whether it be matching preexisting profiles or developing new products. The superior amount of care and attention we bring to our products assure superior quality and consistency. We also assist clients to accomplish a Clean Label: a declaration of product transparency by accurately listing the ingredients.


POPLA’s particle grinding and milling services are useful for a variety of powdered food product applications. Our certified top-of-the-line grinding and milling equipment is capable of creating sample particles into as small as 60 micron a finer mixture that is ready to use. Our hammer mills can handle particles from coarse to fine grind. Our grinder is ideal for low to medium volume of dry flowable material.


We work closely with our clients to develop a roast profile suitable for their custom needs. Profiles include, but are not limited to, seeds, grains, and beans.  Our goal is to create a product that will best serve our clients and help grow their brand.